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26 leading international experts. Diverse backgrounds. One message:
We need a practical, science-based energy discussion to move toward workable solutions.

Since energy underpins everything else, it’s the most important issue of our time.

  • Sara Akbar

    Sara Akbar

    CEO of Kuwait Energy

  • Scott Anderson

    Scott Anderson

    Environmental Defense Fund

  • Jesse Ausubel

    Jesse Ausubel

    Rockefeller University

  • Lynn Orr Sally Benson

    Dr. Sally Benson and
    Dr. Lynn Orr

    Stanford University Energy Program Directors

  • Jacques Besnainou

    Jacques Besnainou

    CEO of Areva at the time of the interview

  • Ray Carbone

    Ray Carbone

    President, Paramount Options

  • David Crane

    David Crane

    CEO of NRG Energy

  • Luis Echavarri

    Luis Echavarri

    OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

  • Cliff Etheredge

    Cliff Etheredge

    Wind Farmer

  • Olafur Ragnar Grimsson

    Olafur Grimsson

    President of Iceland

  • Tony Hayward

    Tony Hayward

    CEO of BP at the time of the interview

  • Jan Oivind Johansen

    Jan Oivind Johansen

    Norwegian Ministry of Energy

  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones

    International Energy Agency at the time of the interview

  • Steve Koonin

    Dr. Steve Koonin

    US Undersecretary of Energy

  • Angiolo Laviziano

    Dr. Angiolo Laviziano

    CEO of REC Solar at the time of the interview

  • Helge Lund

    Helge Lund

    CEO of Statoil

  • Aubrey McClendon

    Aubrey McClendon

    CEO of Chesapeake at the time of the interview

  • Ernie Moniz

    Dr. Ernie Moniz

    MIT Energy Initiative at the time of the interview

  • Richard Muller

    Dr. Richard Muller

    Berkeley National Lab at the time of the interview

  • Santiago Seage

    Santiago Seage

    CEO of Abengoa Solar at the time of the interview

  • Barry Smitherman

    Barry Smitherman

    Texas Public Utility Commissioner at the time of the interview

  • Dan Sperling

    Dr. Dan Sperling

    Inst. of Transportation Studies

  • Scott Tinker

    Dr. Scott Tinker

    Bureau of Economic Geology

  • Larry Walker

    Dr. Larry Walker

    Director, Cornell Biofuels Lab