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Switch - To a Smarter Future
Dr. Steve Koonin - US Undersecretary of Energy
"I believe wind could get to 20 to 30% of our electricity in the next 20 years"
"We need other sources that can be brought online quickly to balance intermittency"
"It is domestic, readily extractable and we know how to use it"
"We will see a gradual electrification, the pace driven by advances in battery technology"
"It's nothing new, but we've learned to do it with better control, finesse and economics"
"Any new technology has to compete in cost and convenience with the technologies in place"
"We have demonstrated all the pieces and integration on a small scale"
"It’s several times more expensive than energy bought off the grid"
"The world needs to build strong international incentives to stay in the confines of civilian nuclear power"
"There are many demands on a battery for a vehicle that are really quite a challenge"
"I would not look to larger amount of hydropower as a part of our future"
"Nuclear power is capable of making a difference at scale"
"It plays in all the big consuming sectors - transportation, heating and power"
"That’s a lot of money to risk up front"
"The US is sometimes called the Saudi Arabia of coal"
"I do not think it is a significant safety issue"
"There is at least a century of easily available oil still in the ground"
Dr. Steve Koonin, U.S. Undersecretary of Energy