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Switch - To a Smarter Future
Scott Anderson - Environmental Defense Fund
"This is not a cheap enterprise"
"The power of market forces when their harnessed to pursue environmental goals"
"We could meet 2020 targets with no net increase in energy prices"
"It can produce an extra 15 or 20% of the original oil"
"The environmental impact needs to be factored into the price of the product"
"It needs to be one of the options on the table"
"People are allowed to buy and sell their emission allowances"
"Each have their pluses and minuses"
"Every time the wind doesn’t blow you don’t get power"
"All forms of energy production have some negative environmental consequences"
"Regulations can be improved to make sure it's developed with minimum impact"
"The Texas wind industry, which was already growing quite fast, took off"
Scott Anderson, Environmental Defense Fund