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Switch - To a Smarter Future
Dr. Richard Muller - Berkeley National Lab
"Wind is relatively inexpensive. And the price of solar cells has been plummeting"
"There are devices that refill your car at night if you have natural gas in your home"
"Most of the energy in the future will be used in China, India and the developing world"
"It's very unlikely for some to be stolen and turned into a bomb"
"It just isn't an efficient way to turn energy into fuel"
"The price of gasoline has been enormously volatile because oil supply is so limited"
"Conservation has to be comfortable. You have to be oblivious to it"
"Whether it is policy or not, it will happen"
"The capability of designing them has increased enormously"
"In the US about 21% of electricity comes from nuclear"
"When we do nothing efficiency improves 1% per year. We could easily legislate 2%"
Dr. Richard Muller, Physicist