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Switch - To a Smarter Future
Dr. Sally Benson and<br/>Dr. Lynn Orr - Stanford University Energy Program Directors
"It’s a long race, but it is a race. We need to start now as fast as we can"
"We need to invest across a spectrum of primary energy resources"
"They're one more element of the portfolio"
"In the long term, we have to keep hydrogen on the table"
"We can make progress and save money in the process"
"The biggest question facing wind right now is grid connection"
"Real innovation is needed if we’re going to really transform our energy system"
"It’s a matter of cost"
"We're lucky to have inexpensive electricity, and we've built a society around it"
"It's not a shortage of the resource. It's how do we convert it into something we can use"
"The biggest challenge is the scale of CO2 that we emit"
Dr. Sally Benson and Dr. Lynn Orr, Stanford University Energy Program Directors