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Switch - To a Smarter Future
Dr. Ernie Moniz - MIT Energy Initiative
"They're good for the climate, good for security, good for your pocketbook"
"The preferred approach should be managing spent nuclear fuel for at least 100 years"
"Everbody likes the idea of carbon free energy, but there are issues of sight lines"
"We need a scientific evaluation, then whatever measures are required will be taken"
"Solar tends to be on when you want it"
"We simply have to figure out a way to employ coal"
"There is physical storage, chemical storage, but also you could store in fuels"
"What a valuable and flexible commodity it is"
"Cost reduction is as true for biofuels as it is for solar"
"The real problem today is we have no choice for our transportation fuel"
"The government should be supporting these low carbon options"
"In the end, that is the direction we need to go in"
"There's another kind of pollution: noise"
"It's certainly a myth that if we stopped importing oil, oil prices would go down"
"This is not a deft, fast-adpating system -- but it's the one we need to innovate within"
Dr. Ernie Moniz, MIT Energy Initiative