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Switch - To a Smarter Future
Dr. Dan Sperling - Inst. of Transportation Studies
"We're seeing a 5 to 8% improvement per year"
"They're producing ethanol at $35 a barrel -- nowhere else in the world does that"
"How will these facilities come about? Where does the money come from?"
"100 miles of range -- not many people drive more than that in a day"
"A fuel cell vehicle is so attractive, in so many ways"
"The transition is probably going to be fairly slow"
"Natural gas is a pretty good option, but it's not a fabulous option"
"It has the disadvantage of having a much larger carbon footprint"
"Efficiency is the primary, best, most important strategy we can pursue"
"We need to internalize the costs of oil dependency"
"A normal Prius gets 45 miles per gallon. This plug-in version will get 60"
"They require less energy, less fertilizer, less water and you can get much more energy"
"You can make it into a fuel that looks just like gasoline"
Dr. Dan Sperling, Director of Transportation Studies