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Switch - To a Smarter Future
Barry Smitherman - Texas Public Utility Commissioner
"Unfortunately, wind and solar are rounding errors today"
"It has completely changed the landscape"
"It may be the biggest renewable energy infrastructure project in the history of America"
"When a customer gets a smart meter they reduce their consumption by 10 to 20%"
"In America we have 3 electric grids"
"It takes a very small amount of uranium to make a whole lot of electricity"
"The sun doesn't always shine, so I can't go off the grid"
"So here's my vision of the future"
"I wish the country would make a commitment to stringing some wire"
"At some point we've grabbed all the low hanging fruit. Then it get's a little more challenging"
"When the wind stops blowing, we have to bring up gas units to keep the grid stable"
"It takes a lot of energy to capture the carbon"
"The new plants capture almost everything. Except the CO2"
Barry Smitherman, Public Utility Commissioner