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Take a tour of the world's only video library devoted to energy.


The site is video-driven. Under the View Videos tab at the top of the page, you'll see Topics, where videos are organized by energy resources and key issues.

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Energy Issues

The Energy Issues section contains primer videos hosted by Dr. Scott Tinker, covering the 5 most important things to know in energy. Here's one on the greatest challenge, Scale:

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Energy Resources

Another category contains primers on the 9 currently scalable Energy Resources, highlighting the most important pros and cons of each. Here's coal:

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Other Topics

There are also video groups exploring Other Topics in more detail, often with clips from our experts. Here's Dr. Ernie Moniz on cost reduction for biofuels:

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Site Visits

You'll also find Site Visits to select resources, which are extended or deleted scenes from the film. Here's a trip to the South Texas Project nuclear generating station:

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Energy Experts

You'll also find a page for all Experts, which has interview clips from 26 international energy leaders from government, industry and academia.

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Energy Experts

Here's the President of Iceland, on transitioning their energy system:

And, here are the Directors of Stanford's energy programs, on energy solutions:


This project has 2 goals: encourage a practical, objective, scientifically based understanding of energy; and encourage efficiency. Look for our Efficiency section, coming soon. Meanwhile, here's Dr. Richard Muller on the subject:

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Now that you know what's here, please browse the energy videos, letting your interests be your guide. While you do, we hope you'll bookmark your favorite videos and share some with friends and colleagues.

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