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Switch - To a Smarter Future

Selected Reviews

National Press

Washington Post

"Switch is refreshingly free of hot air. It’s almost shocking in the way it sidesteps the kind of issue advocacy made commonplace by filmmakers Michael Moore, Davis Guggenheim and the like. Lynch’s film tries (and largely succeeds) in taking a scrupulously neutral tack between extremes."


"Switch offers a scientific look at how we use energy. If you want to understand why fracking matters, why we aren't all using wind-generated electric power right now, or what kind of cars we may be driving in the future, Switch offers something that films like Gasland, with its burning-faucet scare tactics fail to deliver: rational explanations."


"Sidestepping the usual eco-docu strategy, Switch takes a far less hysterical route. Lynch’s method gives a rational evaluation of where the world is heading. It’s considerably more honest, and manages to be quite effective. Tech credits are tops, particularly the seamless editing and the often beautiful photography."

Boston Globe

"Tinker comes across as affable, reasonable, and unfailingly curious. His interview subjects are technicians, business executives, scientists, government officials. It insures a tone of dispassionate seriousness and good will.”

Austin American-Statesman

"Tinker takes us along for this beautifully shot ride, excellent in its details, and mixes a kind of gee-whiz wonderment at the way energy is produced with pithy, on-the-mark observations about the realities of those sources. He foresees the increasing use of renewables, natural gas and nuclear power in the U.S. But he also offers a sobering forecast of why we’re unlikely to shake coal and oil for a long time."

Online Press

Cinematic Happenings Underground

"Switch is simultaneously the most important, informative, and captivating documentary of the year, focused on a topic of absolutely paramount consequence to every creature on this planet. You simply must see it, so it’s a good thing every minute of it is so fascinating."

DC Film Review

"Every now and then a film comes to my attention that literally demands to be shared with as many people as possible. Switch is one such entity. It’s must-see entertainment for every person in America and perhaps the world."


"Agenda-free journalism is an increasingly tricky area, and that’s what makes Harry Lynch’s documentary, Switch, so impressive. Instead of laying on the criticism, Switch calls for an adjustment in attitude and awareness."


"Our world runs on a ridiculously complex energy system in which every human being is a player, and guiding us through that maze is a feat Switch deserves a lot of credit for. We all need to become experts on this subject, and fast. Switch is a great way to start, and gently but firmly reminds you that, ultimately, the sequel to this film is in your hands."

Professional Reviews

Amy Jaffe, Rice University Energy Program

"I took my students to a screening of Switch, and we spent most of the following class discussing it, a testament to its value as an educational tool. It was amazing…"

Paul Joskow, President, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

"I very much enjoyed it – informative, balanced, high production values…”

Laura Guertin, Penn State Brandywine

"My students walked out of the film with a belief that everyone can and should take action, and that they have a role in the energy future."

Erin Geoffroy, Environmental Defense Fund

"Switch really puts all the pieces together, and makes me optimistic for the future. I think it should be seen by everyone…"

Michael Ming, Energy Secretary of Oklahoma

"Smart energy movies like this one focus on pragmatism instead of silver bullets. I found it very encouraging."

Nipal Bellmonde, LBG Environmental Consultants

"Switch is engaging, funny and educational, all at the same time. I have done nothing but rave about it."

Phil Dutton, GL Garrad Hassan North America

"Over the 30 years I’ve been working in renewable energy, Switch is the most comprehensive and balanced documentary on our world energy situation I’ve ever seen."

Douglas Johnson, Statoil

"Every person in America should see and digest this film."

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