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Switch - To a Smarter Future

Funding and Content


The Switch Energy Project could not have happened without the generous support of the below foundations. They have our deepest thanks.


Most of the spectacular sites we visited for filming are remote, restricted, and/or required specialized transport. The energy companies, governments, NGOs and universities who own these facilities provided logistical, financial and/or organizational support, along with access to their employees, properties and technologies. We owe them, and many individuals who provided advice and supported the mission of the project from its earliest days, a debt of gratitude.

Content Responsibility

Facts, figures and forecasts in the Switch Energy Project film, website and education programs have been fact-checked by the filmmaking team and qualified research assistants. None of the above organizations influenced the content of the film, other than providing and verifying data. All content for this project is the responsibility of Arcos Films LLC, under the direction of Harry Lynch and with expert guidance from Dr. Scott Tinker.

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