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The Switch Energy Project includes the award-winning nonpartisan energy film Switch, seen by millions worldwide, and a video-driven energy education program, including Energy Lab and Energy 101 videos, curriculum, and more.

“Smart and refreshingly free of hot air.”

— Washington Post

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Educator Portal

Educators, bring energy into the classroom, with videos, curricula, the free Education Edition 2-disc DVD, and more

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Energy Lab Videos

Dr. Scott Tinker demystifies the complex world of energy to get to the core of concepts, in our latest video series

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Energy 101 Videos

2-minute primers on each major energy resource and the leading issues driving energy today

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Videos by Topic

Our 300 energy videos grouped by topic, providing an easy way to focus on specific resources or issues

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Expert Interviews

In depth interviews, organized by topic, from leading energy thinkers in government, industry, academia and NGOs

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Site Visits

Extended scenes from the film offer an inside look at some of the most spectacular energy sites worldwide

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See the Film

The award-winning documentary Switch, seen by millions, is a global adventure to discover the future of energy

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Efficiency Tips

We can all make an impact, starting today. See our efficiency tips, organized by category, for fun, worthwhile ideas

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Energy News

Groundbreaking energy stories, which we collect each week and post to Facebook. A great way to stay informed

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